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I Want a Nickname

Okay, so the latest news...

Daniel is refusing to move out and the cops, despite his twice having a knife on me, say that they can't do anything because they were not present at the time of the attack. I showed them a note he left saying he was going to kill me, but they can't use that, either. Ain't that some shit?

So police advice to me is to move out, don't tell anyone where I'm going, and change all my phone numbers. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I did go pack up some stuff, though (perfect excuse to get that luggage set I've been wanting), and staying at friend's houses.

If Daniel does give me the axe I hope he does it right in front of the police station so I can bleed out on their pretty, white front steps... watch my blood cascade down them like the water of the earth itself... I have never hated cops in my life but now I wish they'd all go to hell.

I can't wait for Bobby to get back in town. I like him a lot. We're gon'na go out to a bar or something. It will be my first time in a bar! :D I've always been curious what it really feels like to be in a bar cuz I'm certain it's nothing like the movies make it out to be.

I think I'm going out with Jami tonight. That's always fun! :D I stayed at Heather's last night and we stayed up eating Spaghetti O's, cookie dough, and watching Kings of Comedy. (So I was in a weird mood, ok? She just happens to be accomodating.) I love Heather so much. She takes such good care of me.

Hmph... More updating later, maybe. Bobby called.

I want a nickname...

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