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Girls... let me tell you what a rollercoaster night I had!

Yesterday after work I went over to C-Mart to wait for Jami to get ready. She was done in about ten minutes so we took off in our respective cars to Billy's, only to find that no one we knew had shown up yet. So we waited, about another ten minutes, for the guys to show up. And then, about another ten minutes later, I left. Jami wanted to stay with Victor, and the rest of the guys were piling up to go to Memphis. I didn't want to ride that far to a place I didn't know with some guys I'd practically just met. Overcome with some strange, sudden sadness, I took off. I had to hurry out the door before tears fell... I have NO explanation for it all.

But as I took off just driving slow, expecting to discover whether or not the sun would rise before I'd have to fill the tank, I decided to call Bobby. I knew he'd be up, and he was. Even after I panicked and hung up on him (he hates hang-ups), he called me back and talked to me. He told me to check into a motel if nothing else, which sounded well enough to someone who's driving around with nowhere in the world to go. As I told him, "Thirty-two-hundred people have my back and I've got nowhere to go." So I checked into a motel where he knew the rates were pretty good and we sat up til about 3:30 or 4 just talking and watching MTV and BET. Except for one thing- at 2:06 this morning, 05/30/04, Bobby asked me to be his girlfriend.

I'm scared as hell, but very flattered and comforted by his confession of interest. I don't want to plunge back into a relationship...

I said yes.

So I went to sleep and this morning I showered and dried my hair. And I went through McDonald's and fed myself. And then I went home and got all my CD's and movies and stuff. All the little stuff I could possibly fit in my car, you know?

Now I'm at work, and after work, I'm going to fill the car up with gas, get some cash at the ATM, buy myself a crosstitch or some such project, and head straight to Grandma's house, from which I will not return until Friday. I have a doc appointment Friday, and a date with my boyfriend. :)

Daniel called me today and told me he was moving out Friday, btw.

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